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Click To View Full ProductApostolic Leadership Workshop (DVD Set)
By Colette Toach
Type: DVDs

What it means to be an Apostle!

When Moses went into the wilderness, it was not for forever, but for a season where he had to grow and mature and where he had to become the vessel that God needed to set His people free. Once Moses was ready, God called him out of the desert.

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Price:  $45.00  

Click To View Full ProductAt Liberty to Love (DVD)
By Colette Toach
Type: 1 DVD in NTSC Format - 74 Minutes

Love holds the power of life!

There is a God given need in each one of us to love and be loved. Unfortunately as life comes with its hard knocks it becomes difficult to feel the love you so desperately need...

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Price:  $14.00  

Click To View Full ProductEmbrace Your Prophetic Destiny (DVD Series)
By Craig and Colette Toach, Deborah Toach, Anne Chen
Type: 5 DVD's

Flow in the Dynamic Weapons of the Prophet!

You've been called, you've been anointed and now... it is time to walk it out!

In this prophetic workshop DVD series, get ready to discover the prophetic "tools" that will help you fulfill your call. It's time to let down your hair and celebrate the prophetic outpour that is upon the church.

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Price:  $67.00  

Click To View Full ProductEssentials for the New Move (DVD Series)
By Colette Toach
Type: 4 DVDs in NTSC Format

Life, It is so complicated and annoying sometimes. You do what you are told, but still don't get the prize. You put your faith out there, but nothing comes of it. You ask for you hearts desire, but don't get it. You want to be accepted and loved, but no one cares about you. Why is that?

Maybe, it is because you are forgetting some of the essentials of life?

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Price:  $47.00  

Click To View Full ProductMentorship 101 (DVD Edition)
By Colette Toach
Type: 5 DVD's in NTSC Format


What picture comes into your mind? It is a very hot topic in the church today, but clear teaching is lacking. In this series, you will not only find out what the role and purpose of a mentor is, but you will see the heart that is required!

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Price:  $59.99  

Click To View Full ProductProphetic Passion Seminar (DVD)
By Colette Toach, Craig Toach
Type: 4 DVD's in NTSC Format

A Prophetic Leadership Seminar

One thing prophets are not short of is PASSION! The secret though is to be able to take that passion and to do something with it! As a leader, you should know what I am talking about.

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Price:  $57.00  

Click To View Full ProductSpiritual Parenting Workshop Seminar (DVD)
By Apostles Craig and Colette Toach
Type: DVDs

The Spiritual Parenting Workshop Seminar DVD Set

Geared towards those called to be spiritual parents, The Spiritual Parenting Workshop is an event you cannot afford to miss. Suspect you’ve been called to be a spiritual parent? Struggling in being a spiritual parent? This workshop is the answer to your prayer.

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Price:  $95.00  

Click To View Full ProductStrategies of War - Spiritual Warfare for the New Move (DVD Series)
By Colette Toach
Type: DVDs - Approximately 4 hrs

The kingdom of darkness is just that, a "kingdom". There is a structure, there is a hierarchy, and there are cracks in the wall surrounding it. Those cracks are strategic spots that we can use for the Lord's advantage... if used correctly.

This is where Strategies of War comes in.

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Price:  $44.00  

Click To View Full ProductThe Fivefold Ministry Progression (DVD Series)
By Colette Toach
Type: DVDs - 3 Sermons

I remember the first time I got lost. I was about 8 years old. We were at the store, and I got separated from the rest of my family. The worst feeling was not that I was all alone, but that I was the one that went the wrong way.

How many of us feel the same way in our own spiritual life and calling?

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Price:  $33.00  

Click To View Full ProductThe Key of David (DVD Series)
By Colette Toach
Type: 7 DVD's

An Apostle according to God's own Heart!

This DVD set is Volume 3 from the series: The Way of the Apostle.

From the fields to the throne, the Davidic Apostle is one who rises from obscriurity to take the highest position in the church. But what price is such a leader called to pay? Only one called to this office will know of the death, warfare and finally the victory there is in being...A Davidic Apostle

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Price:  $87.00  

Click To View Full ProductThe Truth About Money (DVD)
By Apostles Craig & Colette Toach
Type: 3 DVDs in NTSC Format

The Truth About Money

We all want to flow in abundance and favor, but what will it cost you? What is stopping this from flowing in YOUR life?

Apostles Craig and Colette Toach on this controversial, but MUCH NEEDED to be preached on subject. There is NO DOUBT about it... there is an anointing from God to create wealth. Abraham flowed in it, Solomon breathed it, and Jacob walked in it.

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Price:  $34.00  

Click To View Full ProductTodays Fivefold Ministry (DVD)
By Colette Toach
Type: 5 DVD's in NTSC Format

Called. Anointed. Appointed... Now what?

Who has more authority - prophet or pastor? Can you hold more than one fivefold office? Do we really need apostles in this day and age?

There are so many teachings currently out there that it can be hard to discern the true from the false. However, this stops NOW. It is time that the fivefold ministry becomes more than a mere mystery and controversy in the church...

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Price:  $67.00  

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