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The Fivefold Ministry Progression (MP3 Downloads)
By Colette Toach
 Type: MP3 Downloads - 3 Sermons
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The Fivefold Ministry Progression

I remember the first time I got lost. I was about 8 years old. We were at the store, and I got separated from the rest of my family. The worst feeling was not that I was all alone, but that I was the one that went the wrong way.

How many of us feel the same way in our own spiritual life and calling? We are all walking around in the dark trying to figure out what we should be doing and where we should be going.

However, I am here to give you a spiritual GPS right now! This GPS is not only going to tell you where you are today, but it will tell you where you need to go and why you needed to go the route you did.

You no longer have to be alone, stumbling on every rock and into every pit that is just waiting for you. Now, you can walk down the clear path that the Lord has for you.

So if you are ready to get the brand new and latest GPS, then say hello to The Fivefold Ministry Progression Series.

Freshly recorded, this series will bring you a message for the here and now.

You will learn:

  • How to fulfill your calling right now
  • The road you need to take to walk out your calling
  • The training you have already walked through to bring you to the place you are right now
  • What you need to do before you go to one of the Fivefold offices
  • The characteristics of the Fivefold and the tools they need

Have I got you all fired up? If so, get the series now!

MP3 Messages
  1. The Progression of Your Call
  2. The Seasons of Your Call
  3. The Fivefold Ministry Progression

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Date Added : 2016-05-14

Title : For anyone called, but not in office yet.....

Name : Karen Traa

Location : Winnipeg, Canada

Rating : 5

Review Text :

This three-part series preached live by Apostle Colette Toach at a weekend conference, explains the progression; first from brand new born-again believer; next to Body of Christ ministries and gifts; and then on to the five-fold ministry giftings and how they often progress from one to another. Colette explains clearly what the progression will look like for many called as an apostle, prophet, pastor, teacher or evangelist; and how the progression itself may seem confusing and sometimes even random at times, but it is not at all random. At the end, I was left with a much broader understanding of what real ministry progression and training looks like in real life; why some people seem to progress faster than others, and how God\'s purpose in the progression is NOT to produce a person with a title, but ALWAYS to produce a minister that is fully fit for use in the Kingdom of God. If you feel you are called to ANY of the five-fold ministry gifts, but are not yet in office, you will find this teaching very helpful and reassuring.

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