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Spiritual Discernment Workshop (Study Group Kit)
By Colette Toach
 Type: 10 Books 10 DVDs
ISBN: n/a

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Spiritual Discernment Workshop (Study Group Kit)

The enemy is a liar. This we all know. The enemy comes like a thief in the night to steal, kill, and destroy everything that is good in our lives. Here is the thing though, sometimes a thief will disguise himself like a friend so that he can get the layout of your house before he breaks in.

We are children of God, and there is a power and a treasure that Lord has given to us that threatens the kingdom of darkness. This is why the enemy will do everything he can to take you out. If spiritual attacks, nightmares, and demons just seem to keep finding you wherever you go - perhaps you have already felt the drain on your spirit - it is exhausting.

However, there is something you should know. God gave us the authority and the ability to overthrow what the enemy has intended for evil, and turn it over for good. You have within you the power to see the enemy coming from a mile away. All you need, is to know how.

In the pages of this book, you will find the tools you need to discern where the enemy is coming from, how he got in, and how to kick him out. Here is your guide to the realm of the spirit, and your battle plan for stopping him in his tracks once and for all!


We want to support your ministry! With step-by-step instructions, this workshop teaches you in a very practical way how to flow in the gift of discerning of spirits. Take the kit, follow the instructions, and host your own study group.

Everybody wants to know if what they received is from God or not. No longer do you need to rely on the next traveling prophet to confirm the revelation - you can hear God for yourself, discern the spirit of each revelation, and take your ministry to the next level!

To help support your ministry, we are giving you a 30% discount on this 10 set kit. Resell it in your church to support the work you are doing, or use it to run your own training program!

At Apostolic Movement International, our calling is to help you fulfill yours. These resources make it easy for you to take complex subjects and teach them to your members in a simple way. We invested the hard work - you reap the harvest. Our responsibility has been to develop these materials - yours is to get them into the hearts of God's people.

Without much effort, you will be taking your ministry on a journey towards maturity. Isn't that what we are all called to do as leaders?

Together we will be moving the Church forward!

Study Group Set Contents
  • 10 x Spiritual Discernment Workshop Textbooks (contains practical projects for every chapter to help apply what you are learning)

  • 10 x Prophetic Warfare - Angels and Demons DVDs
    (nearly one hour of teaching by Apostle Craig Toach)

  • Prophetic Warfare - Angels and Demons MP4 Download

  • Also included are practical projects that can be applied individually or in a group, every chapter also includes Scriptures to memorize and key prinicples.

Spiritual Discernment Workshop (Book)

A compilation of teachings on deception, discernment, angels and demons, and how to navigate the spiritual realm, this is the meatiest collections of teachings compiled into ONE book.

With checklists such as, "signs of deception," key principles, Scriptures to memorize, and practical projects, you will be fully equipped as a minister to handle any tough situation that comes your way.

Prophetic Warfare - Angels and Demons (DVD and MP4)

Preached at the Embrace Your Destiny Workshp

A comprehensive but powerful message about angels and demons. After hearing this teaching, you will never be in the dark again as to who is who, and what to do!

Table of Contents

Chapter 01 - How to Hear God's Voice for Yourself

Chapter 02 - The Gift of Discerning of Spirits

Chapter 03 - Dealing with Demons and Deception

Chapter 04 - Dealing with Demonic Manifestations

Chapter 05 - Nightmares, Deception and Demonic Dreams

Chapter 06 - Satanic Attacks in Dreams

Chapter 07 - Logic, Deception, and Spirit of Divination Checklist

Chapter 08 - The Prophetic Super Spy

Chapter 09 - Satan's Kingdom - Principalities and Powers

Chapter 10 - Satan's Kingdom - Rulers and Princes

Chapter 11 - The Difference Between Curses and Spiritual Warfare

Chapter 12 - Step-by-Step Solutions

Bonus Chapter - Dealing With a Backlash


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