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Gods Word for 2017 (MP3 Download)
By Colette Toach
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God's Word for 2017 (MP3 Download)

God's Word for 2017 - The Year of Apostolic Mandate

I am opening the curtain of my church, says the Lord, and causing you to see the greater plans that I have.

For there is much that needs to be done and not every part of my Body is ready for the move. Also, not every part of my Body will serve the same purpose as the others. Each will be unique.

The Rise of New Church Types

For you have seen the rise in the social church in the years gone by. You have seen the evangelistc mega church. Then you saw the rise of prophetic and apostolic churches. Yet in the seasons to come, you will see a new breed of business and arts churches.

You will see ministries that will begin to focus on one mandate at a time. Do not be concerned my child when you see these things happening, for I am beginning to bring it together. First though, each mandate must be defined and for a season each church will swing in a specific direction.

Then as each mandate is fully established, I will begin to bring the pieces together so that my Bride can grow as a whole.

The evangelistic churches will receive from the prophetic. The business churches will lean towards the fivefold ministry. The arts will embrace solid teaching. However, the time for that is not yet. Now is the time for each to find its own personality and to establish its own part in my Body.

For too long, my Bride has tried to copy others. She has tried to be a single unit, but my Body is diverse! I desire many different body parts that are unique in their function and in the way that they appear to the world.

A Season of Diversity

So let my Church know that it is time to rejoice in their diversity! There are some that I will give convictions on a subject and others that will have very different convictions. Yet together, they will reach the world and every kind of person. They will reach every kind of culture. They will reach every kind of minister.

So never look down your nose at those who seem to be changing the way things are. Do not despise those that break away from typical church pattern and in many ways, seem to rebel against the system.

David - Breaker of Tradition

For these are my Davids that I am raising up to fulfill a very important part.

For even David needed his time in the cave of Adullum. Even he had to go through different phases of change and learn to do warfare in a new way. He brought about an entire restructuring of the temple and worship!

Had he not broken away from tradition, he would never have prepared the way for Solomon to build! So encourage this diversity and do not despise it. Encourage churches to discover their identity. Encourage ministries who seem so outside of the norm, to find their voice and to lean on my strength to break the hard ground of the region that I have sent them to.

Sleeper Apostles Called From Every Sector

For this to take place, my apostles will begin to arise from every sector. They will arise from the arts, business and political worlds. They will arise from the medical system. They will begin to find their voices in every realm. Those that have been in the wilderness will be called to Egypt once again.

Joseph, Esther and Mordecai

Those who were raised within Egypt, as Joseph was, will be called to now reveal themselves and to save their people. Esther and Mordecai will be called to step forward now and to play the part that I put them in the position to play.

For many of my apostles have been sleepers within the systems of the world. Born with a fire to bring change, yet time and again I shut them up. I caused them to be silent, because their times was not now. And so their path was so different to their counterparts. Instead of being allowed to remain in a local church and pastor, I kicked them out. I sent them into the world to work on professions. To make contacts and to find a path that were not for others to find.

In the end, they felt as if they abandoned their calling, not realizing that I put them in that place for a time such as this. And so you will see not just my mighty warriors and ministers come from these sectors, but my apostles as well - apostles that will establish a new foundation and will create patterns and rewrite the system from within.

For up until now, the only reach into the world was those who evangelized, but I am going beyond evangelism in the seasons ahead. Instead, I plan to rewrite the world system from within!

I have already prepared and sent in my agents who have grown and become strong within it. Much like Joseph and Esther, they have served the world, never losing their vision or identity. They have continued to press forward with their visions that I gave to them.

Although it seemed that those visions went through the fire, to the point where they began to doubt them, I never forgot. And so now it is time for those visions to come to fruition. The season is now right. The Church is now ready. The World is now ready.

Nehemiah and Ezra

So no longer will you see the chuch trying to reach the world from without. Instead it will reach the world from within. This will take a new level of spiritual warfare and in this time I will call forth my Ezra's and my Nehemiah's to prepare for this change.

I will call forth my prophets to continue to protect this move. My spiritual midwives that will birth and then oversee these changes in the spirit. I will call forth those like Ezra, who will build and establish my pattern. They will take the plans of the temple and they will rebuild what the enemy has stolen.

They will not be satisfied to just defend their own walls, but they will go into the camps where the enemy has stolen the land from my people and they will reclaim that land by building upon it. For this is the greatest spiritual warfare that will take place in the year that is ahead. To build and establish. To harvest and to fill the storehouse.

Apostolic Warfare

For when a city is built, it stands as a monument and as a force against the enemy. For my Chuch has engaged in hand-in-hand combat with the enemy for many years. Land has been won and it has also been lost. Now it is time to change tactics and to establish my systems in the world. It is only then that true warfare is complete - when my flag flys high on the established systems of this world. So send out the trumpet calls!

A Word to the Prophets

Call my prophets to arms to pray, birth, decree and build. They have spent much time tearing down, but now it is the time and season to build!

A Word to the Evangelists

Call forth my evangelists to prepare, for the doors of evangelism will be opened again, but these doors will not lead to the streets as in times past. They will not lead to the massive crusades as in times past. Rather it will become a living organism that adapts and reaches the lost every day, in every worldly environment. Workers who will be sent to individual fields to harvest the lost in their particular realms. Evangelism will become organic and even now I am training up my new breed of evangelists to take their place and also to train up others.

A Word to the Pastors

Tell my pastors to be prepared and unafraid of making their personality clear. Tell them to wave their banner high so that the colors of their clan can be seen across the miles. For their sons and daughters wait for them! They wait to recognize the markings that I have put into their hearts.

A Word to the Teachers

Tell my teachers to sharpen their swords, because never before this time would you have seen teachers with such a sharp word of conviction for my church. For I have had their sword in the furnace again and again. I have beaten the steel again and again and now what stands is a weapon that has been tried in the fire and is powerful in pulling down strongholds.

For no longer will my teachers simply educate, but they will cut asunder, dividing the joints and the marrow - the soul and the spirit!

A Word to My Apostles

Then call out my apostles from their hiding places, for their Master has called them forth. It is time for them to take their place and to fulfill their individual purpose for this time and season.

Do not look to the left or the right. Do not compare yourself with others. For many will not look as you look or do what you do. Do not seek out the approval of man. Do not seek out ways that have worked before.

For I am giving you a pattern and mandate for this specific time and season for my church and it is not meant to look like what you have seen in the past, or what you have seen in others. This is the price I have called you to pay. To stand alone. To fight alone. To press through and pay the price for my people.

I call you to stand in the fire and to dare to be different. To swim upstream and to wear yourself out for my people. I have called you to be mocked. I have called you to feel the heavy load of the Church on your shoulders. I have called you to give up home and family and relationships close to you. I have called you to give up your comforts, your will and your desires.

And it is because you are willing to pay all of this, that I put my seal upon you, fill you with my spirit and sent you out to change my Church. For it is only when you take hold of my power that you will understand the price you have paid and why you had to walk this road. So be unafraid, but know that I do call you to carry my yoke. It is easy, but it does come with a price that is specific to you.

Moving Forward as a Church

So take my hand and realize with every door I open my children, that I empower you to walk it out. Look forward to the season ahead, for in this time you will see me move in ways you did not think I would. You will see me spread in the world. You will see me building up my own systems to displace the systems of the world.

As with all things, you will need to pick up your sword and fight. However in these moments, do not forget that greatest warfare is not just in fighting, but in building. So pick up both your sword and your trowel and let us begin to build. For there is much that has to be done and little time in which to do it says the Lord. Amen.


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Date Added : 2017-02-18

Title : Gods Word for 2017 By Colette Toach

Name : Garry Umphress

Location : 39 miles south Of Canada

Rating : 5

Review Text :

Gods Word for 2017 By Colette Toach "For up until now, the only reach into the world was those who evangelized, but I am going beyond evangelism in the seasons ahead. Instead, I plan to rewrite the world system from within!" The above message is a match to a key vector in scripture effecting both the body of Christ,the world and Jacob's descendants scattered across the globe. This key vector of Yah “rewriting the world system from within” seems to happen in Revelation 10:8-11. This event is an implied supernatural one in that Yah's host delivers to man a “little scroll”. KJ 8 And the voice which I heard from heaven spake unto me again, and said, Go [and] take the little book which is open in the hand of the angel which standeth upon the sea and upon the earth. 9 And I went unto the angel, and said unto him, Give me the little book. And he said unto me, Take [it], and eat it up; and it shall make thy belly bitter, but it shall be in thy mouth sweet as honey. 10 And I took the little book out of the angel's hand, and ate it up; and it was in my mouth sweet as honey: and as soon as I had eaten it, my belly was bitter. 11 And he said unto me, Thou must prophesy again before many peoples, and nations, and tongues, and kings. Verse 11 is saying a lot first it tells the saints to: ” prophesy again”. This indicates that there already has been a season of prophecy. This prior season of prophecy has come as the result of three things. Daniel 12:4 “ sealing of the words and the book” and the fact that both the Catholic and Protestant bibles were both the result of Daniel's obedience( sealed book). This was the part of Yah's divine plan how he was able to scatter Jacob's seed( AKA tribes of Israel) without man's ability to have known until the later times. So in essence our world system has been shaped as a result of the Catholic and Protestant bibles( Sealed books) being produced in part by man being led by Yeshua as a result of Daniel sealing in 12:4. This sealing “the word and the book” event allowed Yeshua to timely disburse the tribes of Israel across the globe through the Babylonian and subsequent Empires up to the Roman Empire. The Reformation movement thus was a movement in to nations. Nations who used the sealed books as a primary motivation of evangelism. This scattering and identification of the tribes of Israel can be seen below when examining the timing and creation of the 12 nations which are a result of the “sealed” Protestant bible. Day Tribe Date Document Modern Nation 1 Dan 6 Oct 1579 OS Union of Utrecht Netherlands 12,001 Judah 13 Aug 1612 OS Letter/Zemski Sobar/House of Romanov Russia 24,001 Reuben 21 Jun 1645 OS Treaty of Bromsebro Sweden 36,001 Gad 29 Apr 1678 OS Treaty of Nijmegen Spain 48,001 Asher 7 Mar 1710 OS Treaty of Szatmár Austria/Hungary 60,001 Naphtali 13 Jan 1743 OS Treaty of Breslau/Treaty of Berlin Germany 72,001 Manasseh 1 Dec 1776 NS US Declaration of Independence United States 84,001 Simeon 10 Oct 1809 NS Treaty of Schönbrunn France 96,001 Levi 18 Aug 1842 NS Law Change/Civil War Switzerland 108,001 Issachar 26 Jun 1875 NS Decree/Revolt/Treaty of Berlin in 1878 Serbia 120,001 Zebulun 4 May 1908 NS Agreement/Turks leave Crete, Greeks remain Greece 132,001 Joseph 12 Mar 1941 NS Lend Lease Treaty funds WWII US/UK 144,001 Benjamin 18 Jan 1974 Disengagement of Forces Agreement Israel This table depicting the tribes is described in Revelation 7:4-7. each nation formed 12,000 days apart from one another. “4And I heard the number of those who were sealed, one hundred and forty-four thousand sealed from every tribe of the sons of Israel: 5from the tribe of Judah, twelve thousand were sealed, from the tribe of Reuben twelve thousand, from the tribe of Gad twelve thousand, 6from the tribe of Asher twelve thousand, from the tribe of Naphtali twelve thousand, from the tribe of Manasseh twelve thousand, 7from the tribe of Simeon twelve thousand, from the tribe of Levi twelve thousand, from the tribe of Issachar twelve thousand, 8from the tribe of Zebulun twelve thousand, from the tribe of Joseph twelve thousand, from the tribe of Benjamin, twelve thousand were sealed. If one is led to closely examine each of the nations tribal DNA they will be able to see that these 12 nations on the world stage act out in the same identical way as each of their original blessings except that they are manifesting them in their most degenerate ways and not as was prophesied by Jacob. Couple of easy examples are Dan was a judge. World courts are in the Netherlands. Judah always led and could see out the farthest- Russia. Spain known for it's quest for gold in it's history=Gad. The Pope only uses Swiss men as his body guards?Benjamin like that of a wolf= Israel etc etc. I believe that this shift in the world is also a shift out of the 7's as in the first 9 chapters of Revelation to the 12”s in chapter 10 on. Blessings to you, family and AMI GU

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