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The Apostolic Mandate (MP3 Download)
By Colette Toach
 Type: MP3
ISBN: n/a

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The Apostolic Mandate (MP3 Download)

God Has Called You to Do Something Impossible!

The Church, as it is now, is dry and barren. The bride of Christ is crying out for help. She is looking for her bridegroom - Jesus Christ. However, before she can meet him, she needs the rivers of healing water, and in order for those to flow, the temple needs to be in place.

You have been chosen to rebuild the temple of Christ, and that is no small feat. You must take the living waters inside of you, and pour it out into the Church.

It is time for you discover:

  • What God has given you - is not for you
  • You must have a pattern
  • Not what man wants - what Christ wants
  • No more sitting back and enjoying what God has already given you. It is time to rise up and become more so that the bride of Christ can know the voice of her groom.


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    "There is nothing I can't overcome - If God needs it I will become it!"

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