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The BIG FIVE Mug - Prophet
By Jessica Toach
 Type: Mug
ISBN: n/a

Price:  $14.99
Discount Options
5 - 9 pieces $13.49 each
10 - 19 pieces $12.74 each
20+ pieces $11.99 each

The Prophet - Rhino

Sometimes we wear a sign on our forehead that says, "Leave me alone" and sometimes we wear a sign that says, "Help me!!!" As a Prophet, you wear both of these signs and many others all at the same time (I know it's confusing, our poor families, they try their best to keep up).

Rather than wearing those signs on your forehead, why not put them on this nifty little mug that will explain EVERYTHING? Now, instead of people shooting glares at you, you will hear them saying, "Ahhh, well that makes sense!"

So do your self a favor (and everyone else around you), and let them know that a Prophet is in the building - and maybe... Just maybe, they might be a little more understanding the next time you put your foot in your mouth.

Plus, no one will want to steal your mug!

The Big Five Mug Collection

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