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The David Dynamic (E-Book)
By Colette Toach
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The David Dynamic

An apostle according to God's own heart!

This is Book Volume 3 from the series: The Way of the Apostle.

Never before did anyone consider King David as an apostolic type. Yet expect to be confronted with more than you bargained for in this book.

  • For if you thought Saul was your enemy... then you will learn to look at the Saul in you!

  • If you thought that the system was built incorrectly... then you will face the fire to address your own failure.

  • If you thought that David was a little boy just tending sheep... then you are about to face Goliath.

  • And if you thought that David was just a warrior... then you know nothing about the authority of reigning as King.

There is really nothing that we can say that could prepare you for... The David Dynamic. So find out for yourself and join everyone else who has read it in saying, "It hit true. It hit hard. But it changed my life forever!"


Chapter 1 - The Davidic Apostle
Chapter 2 - Destruction by the System
Chapter 3 - Attracting the Rejects
Chapter 4 - Characteristics of Davidic Apostles
Chapter 5 - The Davidic Leader
Chapter 6 - Be An Image
Chapter 7 - The Cave of Adullam
Chapter 8 - Cave of Adullam Training
Chapter 9 - Training the Mighty Men
Chapter 10 - Prove Leadership
Chapter 11 - Dealing With Saul
Chapter 12 - Wealth and Possessions
Chapter 13 - Need for Acceptance
Chapter 14 - Time for Resurrection
Chapter 15 - Dealing with Ishbosheth
Chapter 16 - Back to the System
Chapter 17 - Don'ts on Confronting the System
Chapter 18 - On Your Face Before God
Chapter 19 - The Davidic Warrior
Chapter 20 - God-Made Warriors
Chapter 21 - What a Warrior Shouldn't Be
Chapter 22 - What a Warrior Should Be
Chapter 23 - David Versus Saul
Chapter 24 - Logic Versus Revelation
Chapter 25 - Pass the Tests
Chapter 26 - The Davidic King
Chapter 27 - David's Progression
Chapter 28 - Act the Part


Customer Reviews of this Product

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Date Added : 2012-03-01

Title : Awesome and Anointed

Name : Aisha

Location : Arlington, Tx

Rating : 5

Review Text :

This Book confirmed my life's story and help me identify my ministry. I always felt like an Elijah, because of my prophetic gift, and Paul, because of his militant heart. But understanding King David alot more, it just fit. Thank you, and Kingdom Blessings!

Date Added : 2010-12-01

Title : I am DEFINITELY a Davidic!

Name : Ricardo

Location : Orlando, FL USA

Rating : 5

Review Text :

When I read this book I was like, "How did you know about MY life like this?" I thought AMI was spying on me. It was weird. I walked out every last detail of this book even to the point that I was set into full apostolic office.

I LOVE THIS BOOK!!! This has got to be my favorite ebook in the apostolic series.

Date Added : 2010-09-28

Title : Excellent!

Name : Sylvia

Location : Miami

Rating : 5

Review Text :

I learned many new things about David and his calling as an Apostle. I never thought he was one. Thank you for teaching the Church new revelations about His love and grace.

Date Added : 2004-02-10

Title : Davidic Apostle Course

Name : Tracey K.

Location : Maryland, USA

Rating : 5

Review Text :

I just had to write a review regarding the Davidic course! My life was completely changed during this teaching.

After finishing this course, I felt this release in the spirit and this PEACE of God! I felt no longer "bound" by man or the system! And even last night, the Lord lead me back to Chapters 12, 13 and 14 of the Davidic. And I began to cry before the Lord! I saw the Saul in me "STILL" - the need for acceptance and recognition that was spoken about in these chapters! The Spirit truly healed and ministered to me in the area of needing that acceptance and recognition. And I FINALLY "got it" and died to it!!! I truly thought it was dealt with. Until God showed me that little area within, concerning the pastors over me and why I wanted them to say something to me, call my name or prophecy to me - was simply because hiding down in there was my need to be accepted and recognized! (still crying...) I thank the Lord for showing me! I thank the Lord that I can now DIE to it for once and for all! (smiles) I'm so excited and FREEEE!!!! (haha) I'm rejoicing in my heart for all God is doing in me and I pray, in EACH OF US, as we partake of these lessons.

I thank the team with my whole heart, for what they must have gone through to deliver such a powerful, meaningful and life changing teaching.

My life has been changed.

Copyright © 1999-2011 Apostolic Movement International.

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