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Preaching and Teaching Workshop (Audio CD)
By Colette Toach
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Preaching and Teaching Course

Prepare to live something new, fresh and exciting!

You can have all the anointing, wisdom, and depth of revelation possible, but without the knowledge of how to present that revelation properly and in an interesting way, you are going to have a crowd of sleeping believers.

Yes, that is exactly what I said. No one will be intrigued by your "blah blah". They will be sound asleep or itching to find the nearest exit.

However, as you follow along with Apostle Colette as she shares these preaching and teaching principles, you will learn to keep everyone on the edge of their seats, taking heed to your every word.

So, get ready for people to want more of what God has given you. At the end of these teachings, you are not only going to know how to preach with the anointing, but you are going to understand how to deliver that anointing in a way that impacts every listener.

  1. Preaching With Power
  2. Becoming a Teacher
  3. Sermon Preparation - Homiletics
  4. Introduction
  5. Main Part
  6. Conclusion

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Date Added : 2017-05-01

Title : Anointed presentation on what it means to teach and preach

Name : S. Wong

Location : California

Rating : 5

Review Text :

It's refreshing to have a teaching about preaching and teaching made so understandable. The church for so long has been filled with arrogant teachers who loves to show off their knowledge of the original language, brilliant delivery, believing nad thinking that is what bring changes to God's people. The Lord Jesus was able to reach all kinds of people, and can expound on deep, profound revelation to simple, common people. It is about the anointing that reveal the Lord Jesus in His Words in a way that everyone can understand and receive. Thank you apostle for the gift of teaching and preaching that will help church leaders get back to the basic of the reason for preaching and teaching.

Date Added : 2015-09-18

Title : This is WHY God said NOT for women to be pastors

Name : Min. AJ Pierce

Location : Valdosta/ USA

Rating : 1

Review Text :

I have never heard such bologna in my life. Preaching is a Divine anointing, of which she made it seem so common. Absolutely nothing to help in any area of the delivery process. Give it up Colette. I want my money back SOOOOO bad.

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