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The Way of Dreams & Visions (Text Book)
By Colette Toach
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Type: Paperback Book - 350 Pages
ISBN: 978-1-62664-002-3
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Decode Your Dreams Today

Everybody has dreams - it is a well-known fact.

But what not everyone knows is that the Lord is talking to you right now through your dreams. He is writing you sweet love notes, but unfortunately, we don't always understand the messages He is telling us.

Now you don't have to be a prophet to receive dreams and visions from the Lord or to understand them. You can understand what the Lord is telling you, right now.

In this book, Colette Toach is going to unlock the doors and break down all of the walls that are preventing you from understanding the Lord messages. She is going to introduce you to your heavenly bridegroom as He sweeps you away into the secret place.

As you work through this book, a new chapter in your walk with the Lord will begin. By the time you finish reading the last page, you will have already begun a new adventure with the Lord, hand in hand.

This book will teach you:

  • How to break down all the different dreams categories into ways that anyone can understand
  • How to tell when a dream or vision is from the Lord, from the enemy, or from last night�s pizza
  • How to interpret dreams for yourself and others
  • How to apply the dreams and visions the Lord is giving you for your life, right now
Other Materials on Dreams and Visions


1. Dream Interpretation By the Spirit
2. Prophetic Dreams
3. External Prophetic Dreams
4. Five P's In Dream Interpretation
5. Dream Examples
6. Visions: Your Secret Conversation With God
7. Three Functions of the Spirit
8. Receiving Visions
9. Nightmares & Demonic Dreams
10. The Signs of Deception
11. Satanic Attack in Dreams
12. Symbols in Dreams & Visions
13. Gender And Race in Dreams & Visions
14. Examples of Gender and Race
15. Experiencing the Realm of the Spirit
16. Visions and Warfare
17. Developing Your Relationship with God
18. Edification of the Body
19. Interpreting For Others
20. Interpreting Internal Dreams
21. Revelation and Discernment
22. Four Pointers for Interpretation
23. Applying the Interpretation

Excerpt: The Way of Dreams and Visions

Excerpt from: Chapter 01 - Dream Interpretation By The Spirit

1st Prophetic Dream:
Internal Dreams

The first kind of prophetic dream that you can have is an internal dream. An internal dream pertains to you and to you alone. It involves your current spiritual condition with the Lord, where you are in ministry, and what condition your relationship is at with the Lord. This dream functions very much like the word of knowledge in that it relates to past and present events. It will give you an insight to your spiritual and soulish condition concerning things from your past, as well indicating the state of your current spiritual maturity or conflict.

An internal dream is about you and you alone. I am stressing this point here for a good reason. There is so much misconception in Christian circles, that because you have a prophetic dream, it must relate to somebody else. "If I dream about my auntie, it must mean that the dream relates to her, and the interpretation is for her." Not so. An internal dream is for you, and all the symbols that are related in the internal dream pertain to you and you alone. Every character in your dream represents a part of yourself; a part of your emotions, a part of your mind, a part of your will, a part of your spirit, or a part of your flesh. We will go on later and I will show you how to take each character and identify what exactly they symbolize within yourself. The internal dream is about you and the message is for you from the Holy Spirit.

Identifying It

So how do you identify an internal dream? It is very simple. In an internal dream you are the main character. You are the star of the dream. You are involved in it and participating in it. You are active in whatever is happening in the dream. You are actively involved with the characters in the dream. This is an indication that your dream is internal. Perhaps you have been having dreams lately where you are dreaming about being pregnant. This would perhaps apply more to a woman. Perhaps you have been dreaming that you have been pregnant or have given birth, will be giving birth, or are looking to get pregnant. This could very well be the Lord saying that you have birthed something in your spiritual life. There is something new that He has given to you, perhaps that you have to birth through travail and pain.

Perhaps you have dreamt that the baby that you are birthing dies, in which case the Lord is saying, "Hey, this gift that I have given you is dying within you. You need to do something about it." Perhaps you dream that your father comes to visit and tries to develop a relationship with you. In some cases your father could speak of the Lord, and the Lord could be saying, "Hey, let me in. I want to come and spend more time with you." If you are an active participant in your dream, it means it is an internal dream and all the characters reflect a part of your own spirit or soul. As you identify which dreams are clearly internal, you will receive an insight into what is going on within you that you have never seen before. Often you face pressures and experience emotions in life that you cannot understand. Perhaps you have been feeling very melancholic lately or a deep weeping has come over you that you cannot understand. Your dreams could reveal to you the source of that rising emotion.

Very often as you face life, templates from the past are exposed and you find yourself facing emotions you cannot get a hold of. Be very aware of your dreams through a time like this, because they will very likely reflect what is happening within. At this time you could dream of characters of the past, which would reveal where the template was first formed. Perhaps you will dream of your child being killed. I have two daughters and my firstborn (Deborah-Anne) has strong faith. When I dream of her, I know that the Lord is speaking of my faith. My second daughter (Jessica) is very soft and very affectionate. When I dream of her, I know the Lord is giving me a message with regards to my love. In one instance I dreamed that Jessica died. Now if you had to interpret this externally, you would give into fear and give the enemy license in your life, but I was an active participant in this dream. I dreamed that she was swimming and that she was gagged. And because she was gagged, she could not get air and drowned. In my dream I went to her and resuscitated her using CPR. In the same dream, I dreamed that Deborah stood at the edge of the pool without putting on her floating device and just stepped into the water! My first reaction was to panic, but as I watched, she walked on the water!

So what was the message from my spirit in this clear internal dream? If Jessica is my love and she was being gagged, it indicated to me that I had gagged my love! That I had stifled it and because I had stifled it within myself, it died. But yet it was resuscitated and so the Lord showed me that I would overcome this time of testing. In the same instance Deborah, who was a symbol of my faith walked on water! This was a clear indication to me that I must step into the unknown and be bold, because by stepping out, I would walk on water and my faith would grow strong. Perhaps you have been dreaming often of close family relatives or children continuously. As you identify them in your dreams, your night visions will open up to you in a way you have never seen them before. They will not only give you direction, but they will also give you hope for the future.

2nd Prophetic Dream:
The second kind of prophetic dream is called...


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Date Added : 2010-07-19

Title : Down to earth and practical! A wonderful handbook

Name : Ruth

Location : UK

Rating : 5

Review Text :

This book is so down to earth and practical, it is amazing. It really helped me to make sense of dreams and visions and their interpretations. I would recommend this book to anyone who really wants to understand what this is all about.

Date Added : 2009-08-14

Title : uplifting

Name : April Moore

Location : Newark , NJ. USA

Rating : 5

Review Text :

this book seems to be inspiration, and all about jesus.. and thats what i'm looking for..

Date Added : 2006-09-08

Title : Now I See and Understand

Name : J. Adonis

Location : St. Thomas, Virgin Islands

Rating : 5

Review Text :

The Way of Dreams and Visions has blessed my life tremendously! The teachings are so profound yet simple. The practical application of the teaching helps to bring one closer to the heart beat of God.

While going through the teachings my spiritual eyes were opened. Issues and circumstances that have puzzled me for years, were clarified. I now understand what it means when I am dreaming many dreams but cannot remember the details in the morning. I know how to discern the spirit that is feeding the dream or vision. I know how to use my Bible and the teaching to interpret a dream or vision for myself or someone else! What a blessing to be able to operate in this realm of the Spirit! Now I Can See and Understand!

I recommend this to every person who seeks to hear and understand what The Sprit of God says through dreams and visions. Be prepared to embark on an exciting journey with the Lord through The Way of Dreams and Visions!

Date Added : 2004-12-23

Title : Windows of Heaven!

Name : Chad H. Lawrence

Location : Indiana, USA

Rating : 4.5

Review Text :

This book is a living epistle... one that successfully communicates the mind of the Spirit! Outside of the Word, I had yet to read a work that conveyed the heart of God and was able to impart healing, deliverance, and restoration to its' readers. All praises unto our Lord for this labor of love, His Apostles, Prophets, Teachers, Evangelists, and Pastors. May they rise up in the knowledge of Him and anoint the Body with the fresh oil of faith, hope, and charity! Recieve your reward and walk in this victory for the Lord has promised and so to shall it be performed... in Jesus name.

Date Added : 2004-08-10

Title : Dreams and Visions

Name : Deshauna Wade

Location : Normal, USA

Rating : 5

Review Text :

This book is AWESOME! If you or someone you know is a dreamer and they don't have a clear understanding of the meaning of dreams I would highly recommend reading this book. This book will give insight on the meanings of different characters, symbols and various other important truths concerning dreams. I am glad I read this book. It's definitely a must have in one's library.

Date Added : 2004-06-27

Title : A great book!

Name : Gabi Mitrovic

Location : Switzerland

Rating : 5

Review Text :

This book gaves me a very good view of the different dreams and visions. It is simple written and good understandable.

Date Added : 2004-04-29

Title : WayofDreamsandVisions

Name : Deena Moreno

Location : North Carolina USA

Rating : 4

Review Text :

This book was a answer to many questions I have had and I know others have had. If you have many dreams or visions you ask yourself what do they mean and who are they for. This book breaks it down for you. I will use this book as a reference for myself and others. We all wonder if our dream have a meaning, was it a purging dream or maybe a internal prophetic dream. Thank you.

Date Added : 2004-03-04

Title : Outstanding Impartation

Name : Larry Solomon

Location : Dover, Delaware

Rating : 5

Review Text :

The Way of Dreams and Visions is a dangerous book. It is a book I would not recommend if the "Prophetic Believer" is not ready to Ascend and go to the next place and dimension in the grace of God concerning his purpose and his will for their lives. This book had real impartation and weight in and upon it. The words contained in this volume were Spirit and Life. It hurt like impartation, ushering me to grow, bidding me to come closer to the heart God and thrusting me into another place in ministry to release faith, hope and love into the lives of God's people and unto a dying world. I learned much that will always be a part of me. You owe it to yourself to get this book. It's a must read.

Date Added : 2004-03-03


Name : Terrance Bradford

Location : Texas, USA

Rating : 4

Review Text :

I must say that this book was a hard road of gold to travel. Though your feet might become tired from walking, no matter where you start or finish you will always be on top of abundance.

Date Added : 2004-01-19

Title : Excellent

Name : Rory Mitchell

Location : Florida, USA

Rating : 5

Review Text :

This book is a MUST HAVE!!!

Date Added : 2004-01-14

Title : Way of Dreams and Visions

Name : Shelley Lubben

Location : California, USA

Rating : 5

Review Text :

I have read other books written on the subject of dreams and visions, but this one stands out for a couple of reasons. First, it is written by someone who has lived what they have written. Collette has experienced first hand the Holy Spirit and it shows in her writing. I have a much deeper understanding of Dreams and Visions and that ONLY could of come from someone who has experienced the Spirit of God.
Second, the book itself has extensive teaching. The 5 P's and the chapter on Faith, Hope and Love. The teaching about our templates was REALLY enlightening. Also, how we receive visions and impressions. When she talked about Noah's Ark, that totally turned on a light switch for me. All of these types of teachings I have NEVER found in any dream interpretation book. My dream books have a chapter or two on teaching and then a list of symbols. Not so with Collette. She has helped understand MUCH about the symbols in my and others dreams by extensively teaching on our templates, measuring everything against the Word of God, realizing what kind of spirit is on the dream and so on. This is the best study I have ever done on Dreams and Visions. THANK YOU so much Collette!!

Date Added : 2003-09-16

Title : Understanding

Name : Tim Spivey

Location : USA

Rating : 5

Review Text :

This book have really help me to know how to understand when the lord trying to help me get on track in my ministry.And how to to know the diffrents between the diffrent types of dreams.

Date Added : 2003-07-21

Title : Good book


Location : CA, USA Originally from TX

Rating : 5

Review Text :

This is an awesome book. It has really helped me to grow in the area of dreams (I haven't had dreams & interpretation since I first got filled with Holt Spirit-about 2 years ago!) This book is amazing and I definitely recommend it.

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