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The Journey of Tamar - Allegory of the Prophet (E-Book)
By Colette Toach
 Type: Ebook in Adobe Acrobat Format (6.02 Mb)
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You will understand your calling like never before!

A Journey to Answer The Call

'Ordinary' was never in Tamar's vocabulary. However when the Mighty Eagle finds her, she is living a life that is stuck in a rut of reality. He called her on the adventure of a lifetime where Tamar will discover that it is time to accept invitation she received from the King at a young age.

Invited on a journey that will challenge the hunger she always had to be something, she will find out that the mettle of a warrior is carved in the heart. Alone, she will have to face Leviathan and an evil so great that had she known it from the beginning, she might have turned the Eagle down the night he came to carry her away.

Fall in love with the Prince of Peace that saves her. Be in awe of the Mighty Eagle that carries her high above the clouds. Tremble in the presence of the Mighty King that reveals His glory to her.

The Making of A Warrior

Join Tamar on a journey that will shape her from a child into the warrior she was always meant to be. Along the way, you might find out that it is you that has been called on the adventure of a lifetime.

The only thing remaining is to ask yourself, "Will you be ready to climb on board, when the Mighty Eagle reveals Himself in your life?"

The first in a three part series Apostle Colette Toach weaves such an intricate and moving story that you will find yourself living each page. Shut yourself away with The Journey of Tamar and allow yourself to be carried away to a realm where you will meet the King of Kings.


- PART 1
Chapter 1.The Valley of Ordinary
Chapter 2. On Wings of Eagles
Chapter 3. The Test
Chapter 4. The Crystal Palace
Chapter 5. The Reflection
Chapter 6. The Secret Place
Chapter 7. The Resurrection
Chapter 8. The Throne Room
Chapter 9. The Commission

- PART 2
Chapter 10. The Darkness of Night
Chapter 11. The Temptation
Chapter 12. Daybreak
Chapter 13. The Mountain Pass
Chapter 14. The Roaring Lion
Chapter 15. The Valley of Opportunity
Chapter 16. The Jordan

- PART 3
Chapter 17. The Detour
Chapter 18. The Root
Chapter 19. The Way of Humility
Chapter 20. The Rose of Sharon
Chapter 21. The Mountain
Chapter 22. Overcoming with Blood
Chapter 23. The Cavern
Chapter 24. The Beginning of Time
Chapter 25. The Heart of The Mountain
Chapter 26. The Decree of The King
Chapter 27. Anointed and Appointed
Chapter 28. The Road ahead

Excerpt: The Journey of Tamar

Excerpt from: The Test

"Tamar!" The Eagle spoke again slowly and with authority. "Do not be afraid, for I am with you and I will take care of you. Approach the very edge of the cliff and spread out your hands towards the skies, and dare to jump into the sea below. Allow yourself to fall upon the mercy of the Prince, for only when you can overcome your inner fears by trusting in Him, will you prove yourself. Only when you can step off onto the torrents of the air, knowing in your heart that He will not allow the waters to overtake you, will you be ready for the commission He has for you."

Tamar's heart missed a beat. She opened her eyes and frantically answered, "But what if I fail? What if I reach the waters below and the Prince does not save me? What if my fear is tested and the waters prove me wrong? What if the Prince does not find me worthy? I do not know if I have it in me to take this step right now."

There was a moment of silence before the Eagle spoke again.

"Tamar, you must trust. You must let go of what you can see, what you can feel and what you can do. You must let go of the land beneath your feet and this place where you are comfortable and step out into the unknown. For only when you let go of the land and throw yourself to the mercy of the wind will you know for yourself the power of the Prince.

"First there must come a choice and a sacrifice, before the path will be opened up before you. You must choose child. You must take a step, or you will forever remain where you are, forever wondering and forever hoping, but not seeing the end from the beginning. Take that step child. I will give you strength. I will hold your hand, but trust. Trust with all your heart. Trust even if you fall and the waters overtake you. For only once you have made that choice, can you move to the next phase."

Tamar did not understand this command. She did not understand why she had to do it this way. Why could she not write a test she could see with her eyes and feel with her hands? Why could she not be called to do something she was capable of? But this? It made no sense. Her mind was confused...


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