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The Way of Dreams & Visions Symbol Dictionary (2017 Edition Ebook)
By Colette Toach
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New 2017 Edition! Now available for download

Decode Your Dreams! Plus, Free Life-Time Updates!

God's Message to you Revealed

Trying to interpret your dreams is sometimes a lot like traveling to another country for the first time. Having no road map to point out landmarks or to show you what direction you need to go can cause a lot of confusion and it can make you go around in circles leaving you lost and unable to reach your destination.

Well, I am here to give you your spiritual GPS for interpreting dreams and visions. In this dictionary, Colette Toach is going to do more then just explain simple symbols to you - she is going to help you decode the messages the Lord is giving you right now.

This book will do more than just break down the meaning behind each symbol, but it will go into depth about what you see, feel, smell, touch, and taste in your dreams.

Through having researched every symbol in this dictionary in the Word, and having interpreted dreams for many years, the Lord has given Colette Toach an unique wisdom and anointing to understand dreams and visions, and be able to interpret them.

In this book, Colette is not only going to give you the practical experience you need to understand and interpret your dreams, but she will impart the anointing the Lord has given her, to you.

Other Materials on Dreams and Visions

- PART 1
1. Introduction - Dream Interpretation Made Simple
2. Symbols and their meaning, A - Z

- PART 2
3. Actions and Emotions
4. Index

Excerpt: The Way of Dreams & Visions Symbol Dictionary (2017 Edition)

Excerpt from: Naked - Nakedness

General Meaning

Nakedness in both dreams and visions speaks of being vulnerable and exposed.



Perhaps you are someone that is not comfortable with opening up to others. If you dream of being naked and you do not care, it means that you are coming to the place where you are comfortable with being transparent with others.

So if you dream of walking around naked, but it does not bother you, it only means that you are being transparent and that you have nothing to hide. In ministry this is certainly a good thing.


If you are naked in your dream and you are uncomfortable with it, then it means that you feel exposed or vulnerable at the moment. You feel that you are overwhelmed and that you cannot handle the situation that you are in.

It can also mean that you are perhaps being TOO transparent with people that you should not be sharing absolutely everything with.

Although we need to be open to the Lord and our fellow believers, there are times when we need to keep things to ourselves so that the enemy does not get wind of what God is doing.



In my book, The Journey of Tamar, there is a chapter where she is stripped of all her old clothing so that she can be clothed again in something new. It was a picture of the process the Lord took me through and one many believers face.

As you have looked to the Lord for blessing or a new ministry, He is going to take you through change. It will mean letting go of the old and allowing Him to strip you first. Only then can He give you the new blessing that He has for you.

If you have desired to enter into a relationship with the Lord and you see yourself (or someone else) naked, the interpretation is clear.

The Lord is saying that before you can progress you need to allow yourself to be naked before Him. He already knows your sins and your failures, so you do not need to fear. However, unless you let down your guard and allow the Lord into those secret parts of your life, you will never progress.

You never need to feel afraid of being naked before the Lord, because He does not intend to leave you that way. He simply intends to heal your wounds and re-clothe you in royalty!

Genesis 2:25 And they were both naked, the man and his wife, and were not ashamed.


Nakedness spoke of shame in Scripture, and this is certainly true when you have faced hurts in your life.

If you see yourself (or someone else in personal ministry) naked, dirty and bleeding, it is a picture of the hurts you have endured in the past and that still plague you today.

See also: Bathroom, Shower


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Date Added : 2011-10-08

Title : A Great help

Name : Thess Pretorius

Location : Namibia

Rating : 5

Review Text :

I have a few books on dreams and visions which are very good. I don't dream that much, but if I dream it is very clear and usualy a message from God.
I find this book very helpful specialy as it has a seperate part for dreams and visions. I am a prophetic intersessor and see visions (pictures) all the time.
so this book has been very helpfull also in this area. I cannot wait for updates as there are still a lot of topics to cover. I also read the "Way of dreams and visions" which give you a lot of background about how dreams and visions work. Both books is a must have if you have an interest or a ministry in prophesy.

Date Added : 2011-09-06

Title : The best Symbol Dictionary

Name : Raquel

Location : Mexico

Rating : 5

Review Text :

For the longest time I just knew that the Lord spoke to His people through dreams in the old times and that there were special men like Joseph or Daniel that had the special ability to interpret dreams. Along the line I learned that the Lord even today speaks to us in dreams and visions.

So that was encouraging to know, but how should I know what He wanted to tell me in my dreams and visions? I had no clue because I did not understand the symbols…

Now I got my hands on this great book of Apostle Colette Toach and I am finally able to understand what the Lord is trying to say to me. Thank you so much for everything you put into this book! You created an awesome tool.

I wouldn’t give it away for anything! Not only can I use it for myself, but also many other people come to me and ask for help with an interpretation.
I also like about the book that it is very practical and real. There are not only highly spiritual symbols, but also things like house or car that are part of your daily life.

If you desire to understand what the Lord is saying to you, but you somehow just don’t seem to get it the Dreams and Visions Symbol Dictionary will help you a lot.

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