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Moses Mandate (MP3 Download)
By Colette Toach
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Moses: The Unique Mandate

Enter the Moses apostle the most arduous of training than any other apostle, Moses has the tasks of leading a stiff-necked people, out of Egypt, into the wilderness and into the Promised Land.

His reward? A new generation of mighty warriors, walking in the pattern that he laid.

As a Moses, you are going to face opposition from those closest to you, you are going to confront the religious system in YOU and by trial and error, you will establish the precepts and receive the Ten Commandments for the next generation to come.

When the Israelites first left Egypt they left as slaves with a slave mentality, but by the time they entered the promised land, they were a generation of mighty warriors, strong, capable and fearless.

As a Moses you will train, you will travel long, but you will receive the greatest inheritance of all...

In this book, Apostle Colette Toach takes the Moses apostle through preparation, into training and shows you what it looks like when you are walking in the fullness of your Mandate.

MP3 Messages

1: The Moses Mandate
2: Climbing the Mountain
3: Dealing with Pharaoh
4: Confronting Pharaoh
5: Revisiting the Mountain
6: Handing a Rebellious Generation
7: Surviving the Wilderness
8: Handing over to Joshua

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Excerpt from: Handing Over to Joshua

Immediate Visibility

Moses has it tough. He can't afford to fail even in his training, because he is right out there in the public eye where everybody can see him. He has to contend with the System right at the top where everybody can notice, and some of them like it and some of the don't. The elders thought it was a great idea, but the Children of Israel didn't think it was too much fun when Pharaoh started putting the pressure on them. Was Moses going to make it or was he going to fail?

I don't think he had much of a choice. He had already gotten in there and had already burned his bridges. There was nowhere to go but forward. He pushed forward and signs and wonders followed. It was glorious and magnificent, and then came the final plague and the firstborn of all the Egyptians was killed. The Angel of the Lord came down and swept over the whole of Egypt, and the Children of Israel were saved. They were redeemed and set free!

There was glory after glory, signs and wonders. From the day that vision was birthed the baby screamed and its voice was heard throughout the nations. That is your mandate, Mosaic apostle. Your vision will be birthed. Your ministry will be birthed. And the day that it is birthed the cry of that vision will go out through all the nations and there will be many who will hear the voice of that child and they will look up to see from whence it comes.

This is no time to fail. This is no time to miss it. There is a job to be done. There is a work to be completed, and you will follow through to the end, because you have no choice now. You know when a baby is being born you can't say, "Hang on a minute, I'll just put it back. I'm not ready for it yet!" It doesn't work that way. This baby has been born and it is screaming loud and you have to follow this job through to the end.

Training on the Run

And so all this preparation that you have faced; all that death and having to deal with the Pharaoh within you and having to confront the fear of Pharaoh suddenly comes into play. Suddenly you realize you are coping with things like you couldn't do before. You are handling it in a better way that you didn't think you could handle it before. You are being trained on the run. You are being molded to His image. You are going up the Mountain and one after the other there are things happening. Moses landed with his feet running, and Moses apostle, when the call comes and the mandate is given to you, you will land with your feet running. You will not ease into it. It will come on you suddenly like a woman in travail as the Scriptures say. It will come on you suddenly and the travail will be fast. The birth will be fast, and the growth of the child will be speedy. The birth is glorious. It is magnificent.

And so began a journey after the birth of this child and Moses lead the Children of Israel out of Egypt. Now they were faced with the Red Sea. Here was another obstacle. But what happened? The Lord parted the Red Sea. It was another wonderful sign and the millions were there to watch the magnificent birth of this baby. They were there to see it start growing up and it was incredible. The mandate was showing itself. The ministry was being proven with signs and wonders following.

Moses didn't have time to sit around anymore. He was busy. He had a job to do. He didn't have time to sit in the backside of the desert. There was action needed. What had taken place before was gone. He didn't even think about those sheep anymore. He also didn't even think about his father-in-law anymore. He was too busy doing. And Moses apostle as you start now with the mandate that the Lord has given you, all those things of the past, everything you achieved, everything the Lord used to make you what you are now will become a faint distant memory. It will be a part of your past. They will be no more. Your life will be before and after the call, because you will be two different people. There will be two different lives, like day and night.

Launched With Glory

The birth of the baby will come suddenly and loudly upon you and it will be magnificent! It will be just what you need to start leading the Children of Israel and the people of God in the right direction. Just like a rocket needs all that fuel and all that power under it to launch it through to the stars, so will you need this power to launch you. Once you are there it is a little easier. Then you don't need much power because you don't have gravity any longer. But to launch it is like a rocket bursting into outer space. It takes a tremendous amount of power and a tremendous amount of energy to get it going. The power will come and the glory will come, and it will launch you as your ministry is birthed for all the world to see.

Then it is sustained. It seems as if there is one miracle after the next. The Children of Israel had barely crossed the Red Sea and the Lord was giving them water out of the rock. He was giving them manna on the floor to gather and eat. The Lord gave them quails for meat. There was one thing after the next. Moses just could not fail. There was nothing that he could do wrong. The baby begins to live and grow and be nourished, and it is looking chubby. It is looking healthy. It is doing well. Hope is beginning to spring in your heart. You are starting to see this as a possibility.

You are thinking, "Hey, I can do this thing. I can accomplish this task that the Lord has given me to do. I'll make it. I know I can make it."

Just the Beginning

And so we see this journey progressing from the Wilderness and the top of the Mountain to Egypt, through the Red Sea. There was the manna and water out of the rock, the quails, the miracles, one after the other, and the baby was starting to grow. But the Lord was not finished with Moses just yet. It wasn't enough for the baby just to be born. It wasn't enough for it to just get chubby. He had to feed this ministry. He had to grow it up. He needed to lay a foundation. He needed maturity in his calling. And so I shared on how Moses revisited the Mountain time and time again and the Lord started giving him the Law. He started laying a foundation and getting a picture now of what he was really called to do.

You see, Moses had this idea, "All I'm really called to do is to go and get the Children of Israel out of Egypt and take them to the Promised Land. I mean, that seems easy enough!"

When you are first called that is what you think. You have a picture. The Lord has given you a vision or picture, but unbeknown to you it is a limited vision. It is just the first step. That really isn't the ultimate goal that the Lord has for you. He has a bigger vision in mind, and He had a bigger vision in mind for Moses. He didn't just intend for him to take the Children of Israel to the Promised Land. The real mandate that God had for Moses was to...


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