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By Jessica Toach
Pastor and Bookshop Manager
Apostolic Movement International

I am very excited to introduce to you for the first time ever on the AMI Bookshop, our very own BIG FIVE Mugs! With our Team heading to South Africa for our workshop and graduation, we thought we should bring a little bit of Africa's rare and finest to you!

For those of you who do not know who or what this Big five is, let me break it down for ya.

The Big Five is five of Africas most famous and dangerous animals to walk the plains of the savanna, and as such, they are some of the most hunted animals in Africa, a few of which are endangered. So most likely if you are going on a Safari this will be the top five you will want to keep an eye out for!

Now here is the thing - we have put a little play on the Big Five. Because just like Africa has their big five, we have our own... The Fivefold Ministry! So, what we have done is match up each of Africa's best with the Church's best!

So who's who? Well, let me tell you!

King of the beasts the Lion - as the tamer of the beasts, the Apostle.

The big trouble maker and loner, the Rhino - as the misunderstood black sheep, Prophet.

The steady beast of burden the Cape Buffalo - as everyone's reliable go-to person the Pastor.

The smartest and most sure of themselves, the African Elephant - as the practical, "with a little too much knowledge for their own good" Teacher

The quick on its feet and right to the Point Leopard - the quick on their feet and right to the Point Evangelist

Now, from March 16th - 26th with EVERY purchase of the Fivefold Ministry Workshop you will get a chance to get one of the Big-Five mugs of your choice for free!

That's right if you get the Fivefold Ministry workshop you will get one free mug of your choosing for a limited time!

To select the mug that you want to go with your order, just put the name of the Big Five animal or Fivefold Office in the comment section of your order, and we will make sure it is included in your order!

So, get your mug and enjoy your one of a kind custom mug only sold by AMI!

I hope you enjoy this mug as much as we did making them and sending them to you and that they bring a little joy and spunk into your life!

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Let's Get ready to Rumble Africa Style!

Putting a play on the Big Five. Because just like Africa has their big five,we have our own?the Fivefold Ministry!

So what we have done is match up each of Africa's best with the Church's best!

Limited Time!
March 16th-26th

Get your Free Big Five mug and enjoy a one of a kind, only sold by AMI!

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Let's get Ready to Rumble - Africa Style!Get your one of a kind, free Big Five mug with every purchase of the Fivefold Ministry workshop!

Limited Time!
March 16th-26th

God called - you answered, apostle. Time for transition.

Johannesburg, South Africa - March 23 - 25, 2018


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